Monday, July 14, 2008

Offline Day

Di Hickman had this challenge on her blog: OFFLINE DAY and I decided to join her and have my offline day yesterday as well.
I created five holiday tags. I even ended up with a blister from all the cutting LOL!
Want to join us?


Spot-On said...

yay go you! Glad to see people joining in! I got a TON done! Makes me wonder how productive I'd be without a computer, but I don't think that'll happen!


~Nancy~ said...

Oh wow.. that's such a good idea.. That would definitely help me being more productive during the day!!!! XOXO Nancy

M@risk@ said...

Yes, such a great idea. Less internet and more layouts done. Wish you a great weekend.

P.S. Wanneer je in Holland bent ben je welkom voor zelfgebakken appeltaart en even fietsen naar het strand.

Melanie H said...

I got the idea of Unplug Day frm Rebecca Sowers blog so I will join in too.

denean said...

Love the Offline Day idea! Have to try it myself!