Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Look what I got!

Happy mail from my SIL (DH's sister); a big box with Valentine's gifts for all of us! She sent me this:

Gonna play with it later today!

It was so funny - when I opened it Larissa said: "It's a Craft Lite Cutter!". My 4 year old daughter knows better what is on the scrapbooking market today than I do! LOL! I asked her how she knew and she said she had seen it on TV.

I just played with it! I had to press down harder on the blade than I had expected but what a fun toy! It has a scoring/folding blade which is perfect for making cards. Normally I use a ruler and a letter opener to score the cardstock, but it is never completely straight. With this blade it is fast and straight! I am gonna use this one a lot!
Of course it has a straight blade and also some decorative blades which are a lot easier to work with than deco-scissors. And a perforating blade which is fun too!

Thank you Ria!!!


Anonymous said...

Let me know what ya think about this I have seen this on tv...what a thoughtful gift!!

Spinkeeshy said...

I have always wondered about that cutter. Glad you like it! If i didn't buy myself the 60$ cutter last year i would be tempted!

Jenn said...

ohhh, that looks neat!

denean said...

Saw it on TV - LOVE the idea of the light! Happy cutting!